Couples Massage

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Rejuvenating Couples Massage in Auckland’s North Shore

Relationships are built on shared experiences, and spending time together is a must for any couple. Massage is one of the best ways of bonding with your loved one without having to go out of town, and Ananya offers a truly relaxing massage experience tailored specifically for couples. This is one of the best gifts you could give your special someone this year. 

There is nothing like relaxing with your spouse or partner. Physically, you are calm, comfortable and reborn in a sense. Emotionally, just by being in our office, both of you will feel your worries melt away. The couples massage we offer in the North Shore of Auckland improves your affection for each other, as well. Closeness is present at every therapy and it will rub off on your relationship, especially when you are given time by yourselves.

Relax with a massage that strengthens your bond as a couple

If you have been looking for an activity you and your partner still have not done, come to us. A massage is intimate, soothing and revitalising, things that help couples reconnect in more ways than one. At Ananya, we make every effort to make every session not only relaxing, but memorable as well. We strive to provide clients with a rejuvenating experience unlike any other.

Choose between our offered services, from aromatherapy and Thai herbal to sports and hot stone massage. Whatever you choose, rest assured that you will receive massage of the most comforting manner. Our team of capable and trained therapists make sure that your time at our establishment is something pleasant to remember. Let us provide you and your significant other a soothing therapy.

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Bonding does not have to be a trip to the beach or stroll in the streets of a foreign city. A replenishing massage, on the other hand, is considerably low-cost and is guaranteed to relax couples even more. You do not have to worry about long trips and other expenses such as petrol, snacks and accommodation.

Contact us here at Ananya to schedule your visit or to know more information about us and learn how we have become so popular for couples massages in Auckland. Let us answer any enquiry that you may have regarding the services that we offer.

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